Corporate and business consulting

We offer advice to companies and partnerships in order to provide the best possible solutions to any issues in line with the regulations in force, the broader legal framework, the most authoritative legal theories and the highest level of court rulings, while at the same time, thanks to our particular organisational structure, providing efficiency, flexibility and planning in a competitive framework in which these aspects are of fundamental importance.

Corporate and court appointments

We can cover particular positions within companies and entities such as, for example, sitting on Boards of Directors , on Boards of Statutory Auditors, on Supervisory Boards and Audit Committees, both in Italy and abroad: holding these positions helps us better understand the real fabric of the business thus enabling us to deliver more tailored professional assistance.

We also provide professional advice and representation to businesses and individuals in relation to matters to be heard before the legal authorities (before a single judge or before the Courts) regarding both expert accounting reports and reasoned technical and tax law opinions, company and business unit valuations and insolvency procedures.

Valuation of company and business units

The evaluation of a company represents a process that aims at estimating the value of a Company, a Business Unit related to it or a Group of Companies, through specific methodologies related to the type of reality and sector in which the Organization operates.

Business Plan

For any business project, not only if it belongs to an innovative sector, the business plan is a fundamental management tool, a programmatic, strategic and analytical document.

Intellectual Properties

We provide clients with advice on the safeguard,  security and valorisation of all their intangible assets: trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, copyright and others. The services we offer relate mainly to the numerous tax benefits provided for by local tax legislation on intellectual property (for istance the so called “Patent box”).

Corporate sectors

The diverse and varied experience of our professionals means that we can offer our clients all-round solutions in a wide range of sectors which also include Energy, Real Estate, S.G.R., Start-Up, Non-profit Organisations, Foundations, Associations and E-Commerce.