The Insolvency Code

The Insolvency Code (reform of bankruptcy procedures) is in its final stages

The Ministry of Justice has dismissed the scheme of the Legislative Decree containing the Code of the crisis of enterprise and insolvency in implementation of Law no. 155 of 2017.

In particular, one of the rules that will come into force immediately is the “Appointment of control bodies” which, with reference to limited liability companies, provides for the following: “The appointment of the control body or the auditor is mandatory if the company:

  1. a) is required to prepare consolidated financial statements;
  2. b) controls a company that is obliged to carry out a statutory audit;
  3. c) has exceeded for two consecutive financial years at least one of the following limits:
  4. total assets in the balance sheet: € 2 milion;
  5. Revenues from sales and services: € 2 million;
  6. average number of employees during the financial year: 10.


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